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How to download cisco packet tracer(router simulator software)
Cisco Packet Tracer Free Download Links .
Cisco Packet Tracer Version 5.1 .....97 MB.... RAR file
Cisco Packet Tracer Version 5.0 .....94 MB.... RAR file
Cisco Packet Tracer Version 5.0 .....94 MB.... ZIP file
Cisco Packet Tracer Version 4.1 .....52 MB.... RAR file

If you dont know what is this software,

read below:

cisco packet tracer free download

Packet Tracer is a Router and Switch Simulator. It is created by Cisco. You can do lot of network practicals using this simulator.

Packet Tracer is good for students doing Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification.

Cisco Packet Tracer is currently at version 5.2 This software is free for only the Cisco Netacad students, faculty, and alumni. If you want to register for Netacad, then CLICK HERE. I have given some of the 4shared links where this software is archived.

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